Saturday, November 06, 2010

30 Days of Greatfulness, Day 6

Weekend Family edition!

I thought everyone should join in on the weekends. Here's our thankful thoughts;

Olivia: my baby sister and going to the Fair.
Rose: just giggles {I would have to say bubble baths (because she's in one right now) and chocolate chip cookies (because that's what's all over her face right now) are at the top of the list today.}
Mike: having a good time today with our girls and seeing the smiles on their faces. Our warm house.
Fairlight: Fair fun. God bringing friends to the Fair and just happening to bump into on another. Our kids spending the rest of the afternoon riding rides together. Hot tea in a thermos on a cold afternoon. A quiet baby. A heater that works and a down comforter.


Anonymous said...

Gigi: All of the above. :-)

gardenofsimple said...

lovely :) We used to keep a gratitude journal and once or twice a week everyone would write what they were grateful for. My oldest usually had something silly. I forgot about that journal till I read this, I should pull it back out!

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