Friday, November 19, 2010

30 Days of Greatfulness, Day 17, 18, and 19

Day 17
Today I am greatful for:
the realization that I'm not the only one who sometimes feels lost in this mothering of an beautiful but intense child
a friend who came over to craft
hours of {mostly} uninterrupted crafting
good conversation, encouragement, and pots of tea
spray paint, modge podge, and scrapbook papers
an evening at home
getting something {mostly} accomplished that I've wanted to do for weeks and weeks


Day 18
Today I am greatful for:
an invitation to a birthday party
a red-headed little boy who turned 6, he is one of Olivia's favorite friends
playing with my kids
interesting conversations with new acquaintances
big glasses of water
salads for supper
a husband who works so hard to provide for his girls

Day 19,
Today I am greatful for:
to-do lists
100's on all of Olivia's tests
clean laundry
some good one on one time with Olivia while Rose took a nap
seeing Olivia get to participate in a craft project that she had seen me plan and talk about for weeks
my ability to relinquish control (for once) and let her try her hand at something new
seeing her do so well at it (imagine that!!)
being at the last stage of a project
crossing off so many of my "to-do's"
getting the van back from the dealership (again)
picking up a CD of our Christmas pictures
finishing this very busy and sometimes stressful week

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