Saturday, November 20, 2010

30 Days of Greatfulness, Day 20

Day 20,
Today I'm greatful for:
making up with the husband (even though the reason for making up = not so fun)
a new cake recipe that turned out perfect and delicious
lots and lots of pillowy, creamy, tangy cream cheese frosting
28 lbs. of fresh deer meat in our freezer
Rose's absolute enthusiasm to go run errands with her daddy, all by herself
2 hours of uninterrupted working time while Mike and Sadie Rose were gone
Sadie-Rose playing with a friend and sharing her new birthday toy so sweetly with him
Olivia's concern and watchfulness over her little sister
both kids going to bed at a decent time so Daddy and Mommy can spend time together
working on Christmas cards
finishing my word blocks (pictures next week, I promise!)
Christmas presents coming in the mail


Cottage Mommy said...

Love the are so beautiful! said...

your family pics are so darling! i want to see all of them!

definitely share this cake recipe perfection with us. my mouth is watering for it.

Chelle said...

What a sweet day.
And yes please do share that cake recipe with us.

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