Wednesday, August 29, 2007

When the postman rings the bell...'s sure to be a good thing.
I participated in a "my favorite things" swap
with the girls over at Red Velvet Art, and
these pictures are what my swap partner, Jen, sent to me.
An inspiration journal, a scrap art frame,
a button ring (my fav!), and a sweet card as well as a little something for Olivia.

close up of the frame

the quote says" I can still remember."

isn't this button ring darling?

Thank you Jen! It was lots of fun.
I can't wait until my next swap which is a scrap swap. You can find out more detail here.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Falling for Fall

After my tirade about un-stylish maternity clothes the other day, which you can read here, I received my new fall catalog for DownEast Basics. They're a great clothing line that Chelle shared with me. I've ordered several of their items and have had nothing but success in the wearing of them and always get compliments when I were this shirt. So, I was quite tickled to get their new fall catalog and start drooling over their luscious fall line-up. Hey! I'm not going to be pregnant forever (thank God!) and I will be able to wear normal clothes again before the fall is over (at least here in SC.) So, go ahead and enjoy with me.

Isn't this the most beautiful combination of colors?

It's the skirt I'm after, although the coat is very chic too.

I love the shirt (hello pink!), the scarf, and the jeans.
Cute cute!

A very stylish option for our very warm fall days here in the lowcountry.

Aren't these the yummiest dresses you have ever seen?
I want one in each color.
I can even nurse in them! Yay!
I love the gathers in the bodice and the ruffle around the neckline.
More pink! :)

I love this style!

Mike calls it "old lady"

but I prefer "retro" or "vintage style."

I just wonder if I could pull it off myself.

Isn't this fabulous?

I love this top even though it's more summer than fall.

Again, love the skirt but I also like this shirt.

It's called the tuxedo top.

Really loving the red too.

And this lovely little number here.
So sweet, so stylish, and just the right pop to go with anything.
Love it!
PS. Here is a little blurb off of DEB's website that just gives you a little reason why to love their clothes even more. "We offer the latest layering & modest fashions at modest prices."

Friday, August 17, 2007

Another Friday is here...

I've been hearing a lot of "buzz" lately on the blogs about Martha Stewart's new collection of things at Macy's. After looking through the latest magazine, I decided to have a look-see for myself. I've found a stash of things I would love to have, and most of it is surprisingly low in price, compared to what I thought they would be. Below are some of my favorite finds.

I love stoneware, but it's so hard to find good deals.

These seem like a lovely compromise

and I just love the whole composition of the shot.

Who would not love to wrap up in these after a nice hot shower?

I want them in turquoise.

I keep all of my loose recipes in a large three ring binder,

but this is so retro looking.

I'm sure I could come up with another use for it.

Just as long as it was sitting in my kitchen.

I just like the "look" of these little triangular shaped boxes.

I need this in my master bath. It goes so well with the
bedroom. I think I may just redo the whole bathroom
around this picture.

I love teapots and tea kettles.
This one reminds me of a robin's egg.

The bead-board, the open shelves, the arrangement of the dishes,
the bright dashes of yellow, the color on the wall!
Absolutely lovely.

I love wire baskets and are always on the look out for them
at flea markets and antique stores.
These are on sale at Macy's for $7.99 and $9.99
I'm so tempted.

Isn't this a great piece of furniture?
And everything so neatly arranged.
Makes me want to go clean out our linen cupboard.

This would go so perfect in my lavender kitchen.

I love this rug, and I'm not normally a rug person.
Love the lavender, but it also comes in a great shade of red.

I need these cake stands. I truly do.

I would love to have a collection of vintage linens to hang over
an antique drying rack in the corner of my room.
It makes you want to reach out and touch them.

I adore this china cupboard with the painted interior,
white china display, and background wall color.
These are my covets. :)
What is in the new collection that you would love to have?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Just a spot of color

I received my September issue of Martha Stewart Living yesterday and while browsing through it today I happened upon an article that had this secretary in it. I'm not normally a great lover of brights and the color yellow in my home, but I'm pretty sure I could fit this in somewhere. :) It was a perfect pick-me-up for my day. I love the bright white of the shells, the faux-bois paper in the back, and the pink bursts of color in the ribbon, books, pencils, and flowers.
Total eye candy perfection.

Friday, August 10, 2007

It is Friday isn't it?

My goodness! Friday has snuck up on me. The weeks just seem to be flying by. Pretty soon is will be fall and harvest time, pumpkins, mums, and Thanksgiving feasts will be occupying most peoples minds. But, I'm hoping to enjoy these last two months or so of summer. Here is some summer inspiration...
picnics are always lovely
trips to the beach with a whole gaggle of friends

fresh blueberries

who doesn't love ice cold lemonade?

vintage tablecloths drying on the clothes live, fluttering in the breeze.

just a little photo shoot

It's been a little while since I've felt the urge to pick up my camera and take a whole bunch of pictures, but yesterday Olivia just looked so cute, the lighting was perfect and the bed was made :) plus the camera was laying right beside me. Here is a sampling of the results of 30 some photos. Enjoy!

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