Friday, November 04, 2011

30 Days of Gratefulness - Day 3&4

Day 3
I'm thankful for:
a quiet morning at home
violin lessons in the afternoon
a sweet teacher for Olivia
a friend for Rosie to play with during lessons
Mike running to the grocery store for me so I didn't have to go with 3 kids during rush hour
one of Olivia's sweet little friend's coming over to spend the night for the very 1st time
having 4 smiling faces at the dinner table instead of our normal 3
a super easy bedtime

Day 4
Olivia woke up running a fever this morning, so it's been kind of a long day but we still have lots to be thankful for here!

I'm thankful for:
snuggle time with my youngest two in the early hours of the morning
our little friend, who spent the night, being really happy to spend hours playing with Sadie-Rose and Samuel
peppermint tea for soothing upset tummies
warm blankets for helping ward off the chills
a friend's daughter getting the "all clear" after her scan for uterine/cervical cancer (a big BIG thankful!)
long afternoon naps for all the of my kiddos
snuggling 2 of my babies while they slept
lovely phone chats with my sister, mother in-law, friend, another friend, and my mother
listening to Sadie-Rose sing "I've got peace like a river. I've got peace like a river. I've got peace like a river in my sssooouuullll!!!!" but not knowing any other verses so making it up as she goes along but always coming back to the I've got peace like a river part over and over.
silly conversations during dinner prep
S-R: "mommy, do you know what Jesus told me?" me: "nope, what did Jesus tell you?" S-R: "He told me I could have chocolate milk." me: "Really? He told you that?" S-R: "Yes! And you know what else he told me?" me: "no, what else did he tell you?" S-R: "He told me I could have gummy worms too." me: "Really??? Are you sure it wasn't your tummy telling you that and not Jesus?" S-R: "ummmm....probably so mommy." Olivia deciding she felt better after a 3 hour nap, throwing up, and a bath
actually seeing O. eat something and keep it down
chili and hot cornbread for supper on a very blustery day
noticing Samuel quietly clapping, shaking his head (one of his ways of dancing,) and "singing" to himself (so crazy adorable!)
getting an entire basket of laundry folded, put away and hung up
daddy snuggling with oldest and youngest on the bed
Samuel's constant da-da, da-da, da-da over and over while his daddy's home
it being Friday

Happy weekend!


Dawna said...

Love these lists and love you, friend. Glad Olivia is feeling better!

Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

What a sweet little peak into your mama heart. :)

Amanda said...

love these...especially sadie rose's conversation...precious! :) your heart is beautiful!

Chantel Monet said...

I really love this season of your life.. I love the varying ages you have. SO much fun, and I'm sure SO much work!

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