Saturday, November 12, 2011

30 Days of Gratefulness - Day 12

Seriously, this every day posting is really helping me keep track of what day it is!
Very helpful for when you are bean counting to get to the next pay day. ;)

Today I am thankful for:
a good working order heater
our 2nd frost of the season that was beautiful to see
having a "hoop house" over our peppers and tomato plants
emergen-c, chocolate chips, and yogurt with honey, walnuts, and frozen berries to help stabilize a whacked-out blood sugar level (perhaps popcorn isn't the best dinner for me right now?)
new Trader Joe's cereal and bagels to make breakfast exciting and new for the kids and super easy on mom and dad
45 minute dealership visits
getting all my errands run
15% off coupons
brand new absolutely cute boots on sale, (that the coupon was good for!) they came home with me
finding a sweater I love for Mike and him actually agreeing to wear it
running into friends at the store
Samuel's love of swinging
2 more Christmas gifts created and ordered
chats with Mike
sunshine and a beautiful afternoon
new ink cartridges for my printer
figuring out what the very large error in our bank account was from but being at peace about where we are
early bedtime for kids
being happy <3

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