Monday, November 21, 2011

30 Days of Gratefulness - Day 21

Today I'm all kinds of thankful for my little Miss Sadie-Rose.

It's her birth-day today and definitely a day I'll never forget. (announcement made here)

She's all sorts of wonderful, with a giggle on the side. Shenanigans and being mischievous are part of her nature.
But you've never seen such a tender heart who's quick to cry tears of small things and getting into trouble is heartbreaking because she's displeased us.

She only wears dresses or skirts, piggy tails with a bow please, pretty shoes are a must, and pink or purple must be included in the ensemble somewhere.

But her pockets and her purse you will find, brimming over with dinosaurs, miniature animals, Thomas trains, Cars cars, leaves, rocks, and nuts.

She will stand up to the toughest bully and give them what-for, she's no push-over, that's for sure. But put her around a baby or a small creature (human or animal) and she's as sweet and kind and caring as possible for a 3 year old. (Except for when she gives the occasional high-five to her brother's face to keep him from tearing down her block tower masterpiece.)

She's well known for being artistic. One entire wall of our family room is papered with her drawings and we have a stack about 8 inches thick. We've been through 5 (yes! 5!) reams of paper this year.

She likes to watches The Land Before Time movies, Go! Diego Go!, The Wonder Pets, Veggi Tales Queen Esther, Flipper episodes, Bambi, Cars, Robin Hood, and Cinderella .

She's good eater. Mostly. We call her a fruititarian. She doesn't like meat much, but otherwise she'll eat what you give her. Generally. She will always ask for pizza, but it's more for the experience of making it rather than eating it. And she will eat chocolate any time anywhere. And don't let her smell it on your breath, cause she has a nose like a bloodhound for it. And she finishes my coffee every morning. Some Saturdays he daddy will give her her own little cup, black. She slurps it down with a satisfied sigh, sets the cup down and grins at you. "More please" is the general comment.

No one can bring a smile to her brother's face faster. No one has matched her lack of fear (yet) for dare devilry, heights, or "fast-er!" Her biggest goal is to out do her sister. They alternately love the begeebers out of each other and frustrate the dog out of each other. So it goes, I guess.

sorry it's sidewise, but you get the idea!
She's still  my baby, my cuddler, snuggler, "hold me" one. Still wants to nurse and be held close. Big girl bed all alone wasn't cutting it, so big sister and little sister now snuggle together in the big guest bed. I love seeing them together and it does my heart good, knowing she isn't alone and scared at night any more.

4 seems like so short a time and yet so much happens in 4 years. She's been a joy since the moment she arrived and God has blessed us so. She's so different from any child I've ever met. She's hard to peg, classify, fit into a category. And that's ok. She is all her ownself, just as God created her. I'm trying to nurture it as I see it and worry or struggle with the unknown. She's just right, right here, with us. I can't imagine it any other way.

Happy 4th Birthday sweet girl. My Sadie-Rose Joy. You are our blooming princess, full of joy.


Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

Oh what a sweet, sweet girl. This was beautiful. I love how you explained her uniqueness. Such a special part of your family.

Enjoy the celebration!

And I do hope you are feeling better...

Andrea said...

Aw... Happy Birthday Sadie-Rose! :)

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