Thursday, December 04, 2008

December Daily: Day 4

Day 4
Today was tree assembly and decorating day.
Not that I have a specific day of the year
that I have to do it on.
But for some reason
"tree assembly and decorating day"
was marked in bold letters in my brain for today.

It took me all day long to assemble that tree
and put the lights on it.
7:15 am to 4:00pm.
I'm not kidding.

I was so tired of it all
and when I ran out of lights
{because my last two strands of 100 ct. lights
were at a friend's house from a birthday party}
we packed up and went to the grocery store
to buy some more.
Because, really, could I leave the last
12 inches of my tree unlighted for over 24 hours?
That also meant that
we couldn't put any balls or ornaments
on the tree until after all the lights were on.
Because that's how I do it.

Yes, I know.
I'm nuts.

So, we went to the store,
bought some lights and a few other things too.
Like these candies
{which are divine sprinkled on vanilla ice cream}
and eggs.
Because I've got this baking itch right now
and all I want to do is bake.
Crazy, right?

When we got home
I was able to finish the lights,
start supper,
{black bean and chicken chili}
and make a batch of pumpkin bread.
While it was baking we started
putting a few ornaments on the tree.

When the bread was done,
Olivia was banished to the school room
to watch a movie
{Sad, I know}
and Mommy and Daddy got a big plate
of pumpkin bread
and a nice glass of wine.
So good.
Rose loved it.
The bread -
not the wine.
Which she would probably have loved that too.
Little mooch that she is.
We laid on the bed and watched "Get Smart"
and enjoyed some really good laughs.

All in all,
a good day.
Just busy and long.
But that's ok
because we love it anyways.

You know how last year I tried rolling my Christmas lights
in balls to put them away?
{Per suggestion of Design Mom}
Well, DO IT!
It's the best way ever to store your lights.

Sadie~Rose adored all the lights.

She kept putting them on like a necklace.
Thankfully, she didn't strangle herself.

I officially love taking photos of my kids
with Christmas lights.

Mike took both of these while we were decorating.
He was laying on the couch.
Because he really dislikes decorating in general
and for Christmas specifically.
We enjoy it for him.

Yum, yum, and double yum.


Lisa said...

How on earth do you keep up with yourself? Do you sleep? ;) You are an incredibly talented woman, Fairlight! And these pictures are amazing ~ what an incredible story they'll tell in a few years!!

kt mac said...

wow wow wow your tree is AMAZING!!

Amazing i tell you!

I'm in love it. It looks like tree straight out of Grace Brothers! (that's saying soemthing!;) and how cute do you look decorating it - so engrossed in getting it 'just right' hehe it's just like watching myself :P

my brother was pretty stoked this year that I didn't move any of his decorations to a better spot hehe

I love the way it touches the ground aswell. oh my christmas is getting so close now. I'm christmas shopping tomorrow yippee!

Aminta said...

Well. You. make. me. tired. I cannot imagine all that you get done in a day. If I were to keep tally of what I accomplished at teh end of a day, it would say alot of running after kids, reminding kids, snuggling kids, reminding kids, running after kids, reminding kids. I think that would be my whole day.
I am exhausted just thinking about it now. I think today I shall TRY to have a nap. For tomorrow it is up at 5:30am to set up for the fair. I am so looking forward to it, but I am sad to be missing the opening of our friends coffee shop. :(
Love you precious lady!

Lisa said...

sounds like a fun and exhausting day!
We are putting our tree up this weekend, I can't wait!!! This I must try those light balls....

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

I love love LOVE all the pics of the girls wrapped up in lights! How beautiful! I had a pile out myself the other day and thought about snapping a few pics of the boys, but I just couldn't jump away in fear that Ryder would crush all the ornaments, because he loves them lol and wants to crush them all!

Loving your tree Fairlight!

xoxo said...

oh so so pretty! your tree is looking great. you're not alone--i would also have put life on hold to run to the g-store for more lights. they're essential.

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