Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December Daily: Day 10

I totally forgot about it being 10 on 10
until 10 am this morning.
Even though it was written on my calender. :)
Enjoy this month's 10 on 10!

Miss Rose "helping" to pick up
the foam shapes mess she helped make.

Christmas packages and our 1st two
Christmas cards in the mail today!

this is how you make s'mores - Christmas style
get some grahams, some chocolate,
sprinkle on some Andes mint candies,

and add a marshmallow!

this is how you toast them,

doesn't it look yummy?

this is how you handle it!
( you don't get sticky!)

and this is how you eat it!

Olivia's very lovely silver tinsel tree with
turquoise mini balls and pink ric rac.
She's sleeping with it on. :)

new contacts for mommy


Chelle said...

I can only imagine that Olivia is going to have sweet dreams tonight, under the pretty twinkling lights of her little silver and pink Christmas precious.

And after seeing your pictures I am feeling a full fledge peppermint smore's craving coming on!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Those smores looked ever so good!!! And loving Olivia's pretty little tree of her own...I always wanted to put a tree up for the boys in their room when they get older...I'm not sure though...I don't think boys handle trees well :)

Loved your ten on ten said...

i love miss olivia's tree! i agree w/ chelle--she must have visions of sugar plums night after night. this is the sweetest.

i've never heard of christmas style smores. they look awesome!

have a lovely said...

oh how I love your Christmas take on smores...must.try.these!!! and what a most precious girlie tree...and smothered in ric rac...oh! a girl after my own heart!

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