Wednesday, December 03, 2008

December Daily: Day 3

Day 3

We went to a friend's house for dinner tonight.
Both the Daddie's were at work Christmas parties
that the mommies weren't invited to.
Se we had our own peaceful evening.

We read the children the true story
of St. Nicholas
{which you can find here}
and then we put on a Christmas movie for the kiddies,
rocked the baby to sleep,
and enjoyed a few quite, indulgent,
peace-filled 45 minutes.
We chatted, looked at all of my Christmas magazines
{I have a few}
swap gift ideas and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
It was a good day.

The picture was taken when I went in to tell
Olivia it was time to go.
They were watching their movie.


Aminta said...

Love this IDEA.... sorta couldn't do it mysef. lol
Missing you lady friend!
Hugs and Loves,

Chelle said...

what precious moments...and how fun to be able to keep each other company while your guys were gone for the evening. And that lucky friend of yours...what I wouldn't give for an opportunity like that...

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