Thursday, December 18, 2008

December Daily: Day 16,17, 18, 19, & 20

Day 20

Mike's first day of vacation!
We spent the day getting all the boxes off to the post office
and dropping off most of our cards.
Whew! That was down to the wire.

A few last minute gifts
and a trip to the grocery store
to stock up for the coming week.
More work on the "project"
homemade pizza and a movie
while I worked on some handmade gifts.

Day 19

So many presents to wrap
and so little time.
Olivia and I wrapped lots of gifts
and worked on Daddy's last Christmas gift.
I didn't realize until
an hour before Mike came home from work
that I had no more days left
in which to make this gift without him being home.
So hurry scurry around we did.
I'm still not sure about the outcome,
but we'll see.
In the evening we took Olivia over to a friend's house
and got busy at home working on her big Christmas gift.
We are thoroughly enjoying ourselves in the process. :)

Day 18

We spent the afternoon with friends
decorating a mess of
sugar cookies.
The kids finished theirs
and let us mommy's (and big sister)
finish the rest.

We listened to lots a Christmas music
and made our plans of celebration for the coming week.

This was also the night of our Domestic Bliss Christmas Chat. Lots of fun and giggling into the wee hours of the morning.

Day 17

Nature gives

to every


some beauties

of it’s own.

~ Charles Dickens

A busy day, full of friends, and cleaning, and trips to the park,

but nothing too blog worthy.

Day 16

One this Tuesday evening we went with some friends
to a "paint your own pottery" store.
We had lots of fun
and made some cute things.
Olivia painted an ornament and small plate
and I did the same.
They turned out adorable.
But, we decided after telling the kids
once to often to "sit down and don't touch anything"
that the next time we came
it would be a "mommy's night out."
Of course I forgot my camera,
so you will only see pictures of the finished pieces.

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