Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wecome October

Autumn has arrived!

1. 149/365 sweet temptation..., 2. handkerchief corners quilt wip, 3. Picture 2027, 4. 167/365 babylegs :), 5. Little Fruit, 6. sofa, 7. Me and my sister wearing dresses and aprons that she designed and made. These aprons are from vintage tablecloths., 8. Fall is Here!, 9. Mama's shoes, 10. Organik from The Fibre Co., 11. Bye, Bye, Autumn, 12. Green baby jacket, 13. katie jump rope is here!14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

Can it truly be the 1st day of October?
The calendar tells me it really is, but my mind is struggling to believe it.
We still rise to the 80's during the day
but the nights are cooling
and there is something,
just something
about the afternoon light.
Shall we say it glows?

I have so many thing I want to do this month
and next
that I suppose I should make a to-do list
or rather a "want-to" list,
like this lovely lady's.
This list and this list are pretty awesome too.
Let me know if you have seen other around,
I would love to see them too.
And join me, won't you?
I would love to see what fun fall activities

you are planning for your dear ones.

~ make an apple pie and share it with friends
~ plan a pumpkin decorating party ala Mary Engelbreit style
~ go to the pumpkin patch, ride on the wagon, feed the goats, and climb some hay bales.
~ plan a Harvest party for October 31st
~ make lots of pumpkin waffles
~ go on a nature walk to collect fall specimens for our nature shelf
~ have my 1st ever maternity photo-shoot
~ take advantage of the cooling weather and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the back porch
~ make a pumpkin shaped cake using this recipe
~ finish knitting the brown and cream striped scarf I started while I was pregnant
~ decorate the house for autumn
~make root vegetable stew
~ make thrifted sweater pillows for the living room for winter
~ work on Christmas presents
~ finish up the quilt to be entered in the Fair
~ finish matting the pictures to be entered in the Fair
~ take a picnic to Charles Town Landing and enjoy the salty breeze
~ dress up in our cold weather clothes and take some fun pictures, even if it's 85 outside
~ take a color seeking drive, I think here, here, or here would be good
~ address our Christmas cards
~ make applesauce muffins
~ go to a corn maze, I've never been to one before but it sounds like fun
~ take pictures of the girls in their cute matching outfits
~ abduct all the good autumn and Thanksgiving books from the library (kids and adults)
~ travel to new places
~ go camping with friends and enjoy cooking breakfast over an open fire on a chilly morning
~ make a fall banner to hang across the dining room window
~ finish up some of my sewing "to do" list before the Christmas crunch
~ plan a totally cute birthday part for a little someone who will soon be turning 1 (!)
~ make a small scrapbook full of graduation pictures as a graduation gift for my brother
~ put together some new cute fall-ish outfits for me (suggestions welcome!)
~ eat lots of oatmeal
~ make turkey hands of the girls and save forever
~ shoot my 1st ever home birth (who am I kidding? it's my 1st everything)
~ firm up our Thanksgiving plans and make a most delicious menu
~ enjoy the all to quickly passing days with my dear husband and sweet little girls


Leslie said...

loving all these autumn lists so much....
wish I was feeling ambitious, Im just hoping to survive the switch to 2. :)

I will leave vicariously through you fairlight!

Chelle said...

oh do I ever adore this post...
as I do the beautiful and ambitious woman who dreamed it up...I am getting more and more inspired every day to do something similar of my own...and I do love that sweet little mosaic you made... so much darling-ness packed into one post...almost more than I can bear as it makes me miss you so much.

Lisa said...

Oh fall, my favorite time of the year! I love the smells and the food and the colors...

if only I had enough time to do everything on my "want to do for fall" list - someday, huh?!?
Yours only makes mine so much longer - great insperation!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

I love love LOVE your list, Fairlight! My calender is so full of things to do in the next three months and so a list would really be useful to me lol. I love lists, it helps you sort it all out.
And little Sadie Rose will be having a birthday soon as will my little Ryder Brooks. Can you believe they are already turning one?
Loves to you dear friend

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Okay Fairlight I had to come back and tell you how much fun I have been having feeding your little fishies this evening. Noah is INLOVE with them lol.
So Cute! hehe

Philigry said...

love this post! the pictures are perfect!

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