Saturday, October 25, 2008

ready to go

the kids are still sleeping
and dad wishes he was too,
but we are up and getting ready
to take a short vacation to sunny FL.

the bags are packed
and the music ready to play
the gps is charged and ready to go.

i will be home no later than wed.
i'll miss you ladies,
and be ready to catch up on thursday.
have a wonderful weekend!


Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

We will most certainly miss you Fairlight! Hope and praying for a very safe and easy trip for you and that you all have loads fun! Bring back some sunshine for us would you?
Love you friend have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Have a safe and FUN trip ;)

Leslie said...

have the BEST time... take some lovely images, I know you will!

kt mac said...

ooh I hope you guys had/are having a great time :)
Some of my family just moved from Florida. They lived in Miami but now live in far from Sydney :(
Can't wait to see pics of your weekend though :)
Oh and when you get back hopefully something fun will await you in the post, of the scrappy fabricy kind :D!

ps. did you do it in style like that lady in the picture hehe ;)

Little Candle said...

Have a wonderful trip and bring back lots of pictures!
Sarah :)

kt mac said...

So I went home at lunchtime and a little package of the scrappy happy kind had arrived from you yay! :)

I can't wait to make something fun for you.

And we sent each other opposite matching polka dot scraps. The brown one with blue spots you sent me and I sent you blue with brown spots and I smiled over that. Don't know if I should of told you that.

Oh and you have the loveliest, scrolliest writing ever. Loved seeing that side of you :)

Lisa said...

hope you are having an amazing time and I cannot wait to hear all about it....

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