Friday, October 03, 2008

Showers of Blessings

A few weeks ago, a little secret started.
A secret that would totally bless the sock off of one our our much loved friends.
Lesile, our friend, has been dealing with a very difficult pregnancy
which at times has been very scary and least of all, extremely trying to body and soul.
So a couple of people had an idea to throw Leslie a "bloggity baby shower."
We've kept it a secret, made lots of plans, and had the most amazing fun
pulling this all together to surprise her.
And today is the the day!
This evening at 11pm EST the secret blog, Showers of Blessings,
is going LIVE! and will be open to the public.
Some come over and see what we've been up to,
participate in the games (there are 3 going on)
and leave Leslie a good wish.

Watch the slide show that Dawna has so lovingly put together,
help yourself to some virtual mudpie brownies,
and join in on the chat.
It's sure to be a blast.

One of our games was to write a poem or a few verses
for Leslie (you can see the original idea here)
but because of the response to the game,
the organizer has asked each of us
to post our verse on our own blog.
I am by no means gifted in this area,
so please don't laugh.
It is truly heart felt.
For God's grace we prayed
a healthy family of four,
growing a miracle
so much adored
the "love-at-first-sight"
oh so tiny and sweet
with ten finger and toes
and a soft downy head.
Waiting with hope
and much anticipation
covered by prayer
and relying on Jesus
daddy and mommy,
with big sister Rylan
can't wait for the arrival
of sweet baby Cade


Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

THIS IS BEAUTIFUL Fairlight! I love it it's so beautiful!
Your poem is breath taking it's obvious you have a natural talent here
Love you

Chelle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chelle said...

I am still up. And I am truly...mmmmmnnn...for lack or a better word, enamored with your post and poem.

They are just as ever so lovely as you are yourself. Thank you for today, tonight. For everything.

I love you.

Leslie said...

Fairlight Fairlight
Im so seriously touched.
These poems are all so amazing, and I want to print them all out and keep them.
I can't even tell you how thoughtfull this all was. Im so overwhelmed... I don't know how I will ever thank all of you properly...

and Chelle. Go to sleep!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

This is so beautiful! Your poem is touching. You certainly have a way with words! said...

Oh Fairlight you are so sweet!! I just wanted to say again how seriously ADORABLE your word pillow is! The look on Leslie's face in that picture on her blog is priceless!

kt mac said...

Aaaw such a great post. I love opening blog and after blog and seeing everyone's little speal on the shower :)
Thanks for your message.. i really missed all you girls too...hoping to giggle with you girls soon. Loving the friendship I have found in you through this time.

And your poem is beautiful :)

ps. what time did you girls actually call it a night? hehe

love x

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Just coming by really quick to tell you how honored I feel to be able to come together with you and all the ladies and be apart of something so special. You have touched my heart and I have found such a loving friend in you!
Can't wait to "meet" someday we are totally coming down for vacation there's just no way out of it lol.
Love you so much friend!

Lisa said...

Beautiful, loving and genuine. You ladies are such gems.

Little Candle said...

Wow, what a wonderful thing you ladies did! It looks like Leslie was fully and truly blessed. This blogging community is amazing!
I love your poem. So talented you are! Hugs to you!
Sarah :)

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