Tuesday, October 21, 2008

11 months

It's so hard to believe that another month has passed and we are seeing the arrival of month number 11. I can honestly say that tears have been shed thinking about your 1st birthday which will be here sooner rather than later.
You are our darling baby. So many changes this month.
You are talking. Da-da is still the word of choice but others are starting to emerge. Words like "hi" "more" "that" "sister." They all have specific sounds and even if no one else around can understand, we do. And we are cool with that. Our own secret family language. :) But you do chatter on, constantly. I think you will be a talker like your big sister.
You love the cupboards. You've figured out how to open the doors and you love to climb in. I have locks on some, like under the kitchen and bathroom sinks, but you have fun in the cupboard with the pots and pans and the one with the toaster and blender. And it all depends on your mood of which one you will pick. If your in a climbing mood, you'll pick the pots and pans cupboard because you can push everything to one side and climb up onto the shelf in the cupboard and lay there, watching us make dinner or clean up. If you are in a snack-y mood, you climb in the cupboard with the toaster where you sit and eat toast crumbs. Delicious, you say.
You are a scavenger. You crawl around the kitchen floor and pick up any and all crumbs on the floor and eat them. Doesn't matter what it is, you eat it. Doesn't matter how much I sweep the floor, you still find it. You know that your Daddy is messy, so when he eats crackers or chips you crawl along behind him, waiting for crumbs to fall. You do a good job cleaning up after him.

Your sister's chair is your new love. For indeed, you have fallen in love with it.
Poor sister was ill and spending much of her time in it, but roused herself long enough to get up and put in a new movie. But you stealthily snuck up and climbed in, making yourself totally comfortable. Sister complained, but I told her to give you a moment and then you would be out and on your merry way. I was wrong.
You sat in that chair for over 30 minutes and any time sister tried to join you or make herself comfortable, you pushed her out and whined for your own space.
Craziness, I know.
You have figured out how to climb down the stairs on your own. I loved sitting on the stairs watching you figure out the best way to make your way down. So amazing to see those little wheels turning in your mind.
You whistle. Yes, whistle. You've always enjoyed watching and listening to your Daddy and I whistle, but lately you've decided to join us. You were playing in the fridge while Daddy and I cooked lunch. I hear a short little note and looked at your Dad to see what he was whistling about. At the same time he looked at me and we both asked the same question, "Was that you?" and we both answered no. So we turned around and looked at our baby girl, who again puckered up and blew. Tiny little notes and usually made by accident. But whistled notes, nonetheless.
You have your own little way of dancing. After inquisitively watching your Daddy and I waltz around the kitchen a few times, you will tuck your head low, crawl/stomp yourself in a straight line, come to a halt, make a complete circle once, maybe twice and then start all over. All while singing a song in your loudest voice. Adorably cute.
You took your 1st steps today. We were spending the day at a friends and you and I were sitting on the floor playing. I stood you up and let go for some reason and you took the 3 steps between us without a problem. The entire room came to a halt and we had to set you up and watch you do it again and again. Daddy is sad and doesn't want us to do this. He wants you to stay our little crawling baby for a little while longer. I understand, but it is exciting to see you do new things.
You enjoy joining us at meals. We set you in your "bumbo" with it's new tray and will give you a pieces of sweet potato, carrot, avocado, broccoli, blueberries, apple, banana, or a strawberry. Your favorites being sweet potato, carrot, and strawberry.
We gave you an avocado the other day and with each bite you said, "ukkk." "guggg" "bleck" "guck" but you kept eating. Eventually you decided it was better for your skin and hair (of which you have little) than it was to eat. So you smashed it on the tray and then smeared it all over. You most enjoyed the frozen strawberry. I think because it helps bring relief to the top little tooth that is struggling to make it way through.
It fun to watch you experiment, but you a quite the little mooch. Any cookie, cake, bread, or pie and you want it with a passion and will cry cry cry if we refuse (which we do!)
You think you are such a big girl. You play "chase" but you are now the chaser. You giggle uncontrollably at silly things. You love to be outside. If a door is ever open, you go through it. You love to sit on the porch steps after lunch and wave "bye-bye" to Da-da even though you've only managed to actually wave one time.
Strollers thoroughly confuse you. You think of them as a neat climbing device rather than something to ride in. The sling is still your preferred method of transportation when you can more yourself.
You love music. You love to sing and dance. You will crawl to the stereo in the living room and fiddle with the dials trying to get music to come on while you stand there dancing to the tune in your head.

We are so thrilled to have you in our lives and we cherish every moment. This next month will bring even more big changes and the next time, I will be writing your birthday post.
So much love to you, darling baby Rose.
Always and forever,
your mommy


Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

This was so super sweet Fairlight and how exciting that she is walking! she is really too cute for words and seems the more you write about her the more I find that her and Ryder Brooks would get a long pretty well, they have a lot of the same "interests" hehe I can't believe both our babes will be turning the big one it just doesn't seem like it should be this soon! She is so precious just like her mommy and big sister
Happy eleven months to such a darling little girl!

Chelle said...

Oh so precious. It's plain to see how completely you all adore her. And reading this makes me all the more excited after having read this,knowing what we have to look forward to...such joy our upcoming baby will bring us and how much fun it will be for Annabelle to have a sister or brother.
And I think your pretty little Sadie Rose is quite accomplished for 11 months. And darling, darling, darling. I wish I could kiss her. Someday.

Aunt Tea said...

God makes the loveliest custom gifts doesn't He? enjoyed reading about your little one. Ü

Aminta said...

Super sweet are you Fairlight. I love these posts to your baby dears. Very precious.
I amlost hate doing this to you, but U R TAGGED!
Love you!

Lisa said...

I LOVE your description of her dancing! I have a perfect mental picture and it is ridiculously sweet. You ended up with two absolutely gorgeous daughters {mm hmmm. they take after their mommy!;)}

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