Saturday, February 02, 2008

Our {greeen} Thursday and {orange} Friday

So we had a really insanely busy day yesterday,
so I'm doing my green and orange post together.
Orange was very hard to come by in our home.
It's just not my color.
Green was a little easier,
I can't wait to show you our pictures of red.
Lot's of fun for Olivia. :)
You'll see!




aunt tea said...

the color thing has been fun to watch Ü i woulda been tempted to join if i had spoted is sooner.

Katie said...

love the greens! my favorite color! i am using debbie bliss yarn on jack's coat...almost done!

Anonymous said...

You know, I'd love to do a scrapbook project for the Overlooked items. But...I have three scrapbooks (for my kids) that I've neglected for years! So I'm not sure if I'll pick it back up or not.

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