Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thank you Father

~On Monday I was hunting for V'day inspiration in my magazines
~discovered that my Cottage Living mag subscription had expired in Jan.
~was so totally bummed out.
~all day
~cause it's my favorite, period.
~felt not so hot on Tues. because of some physical manifestations of stress
~had to manically clean house all day because of unexpected circumstances
~and still bummed about my fave mag being gone
~cause I can't afford to renew it right now
~still cleaning at 9pm
~found last (lost) issue under stack of DH's mags
~had to send a quiet "thank you" heavenward
~cause I really needed a smile on my face
~now I'm praying for the extra change to renew. :)


Abbey said...

Oh No!! That is terrible. Cottage Living is THE best magazine around. Period.

Abbey said...

That reminded me to check my subscription. I need to renew mine...want me to add yours, too? : )

chelle said...

Wishing you piles of pennies everywhere. ;)

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