Wednesday, October 03, 2007

C is for....


1. cupcakes, 2. lovely.cupcakes, 3. Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes III, 4. cupcakes!, 5. 20050906-mini cup 8, 6. Cupcake Trials 1, 7. chocolate chai spice cupcake, 8. Ore Producing Cupcakes, 9. Paisley pink, 10. Clementine Cupcakes, 11. red fruits cupcake 1, 12. strawberry cupcake 2, 13. Mini Chocolate Cupcake with Chocolate Fudges.., 14. pink cupcakes, 15. Royal Iced butterfly, 16. coffee cupcake, 17. The Seas of Catan, 18. Maple Syryp Cupcakes, 19. sunflower cupcakes, 20. the pumpkin patch 1, 21. Michelle's Cupcakes, 22. floral cupcakes, 23. Cupcakes!, 24. cupcake jones, 25. royal iced paisley & rose, 26. Mini Rosettes_2, 27. Ricotta Almond Cupcakes with Blueberry Filling and Cream Cheese Frosting., 28. Mayan Chocolate Cupcakes (with recipe), 29. cupcake jones - coffee, 30. Coconut Birthday Cupcakes for Gala Darling, 31. Cookies & Cream cupcakes, 32. Spumoni Cupcakes, 33. Spring Swirl Cupcakes, 34. vintage tea set with cupcake, 35. cupcake, 36. Vanilla Cupcakes

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clean. Clean face, clean mind, clean space, clean air, clean plate, clean house.

crafting. I try to do it all. But, I don't crochet, weave, bead, or scrapbook (yet.) Some day I will learn to use a loom, screen print, use a letterpress, make a collage, blow glass, weave a basket, metal work, and expertly decorate cakes. It's all on my to-do list.

Chinaberry. One of my favorite catalogs. I spend way to much money here.

Christmas. It's right around the corner! Have you made your list yet? I'm still working on mine. My sister's birthday is on Christmas. Talk about memories. I got to be there with my parent's when she was born and I was the first person to hold her, after my mom. Christmas will always be a very special time for my family because of my sister's birth, as well as our Savior's birth.

carousel. Who doesn't love a trip around on an old fashioned carousel?

conundrum. I just like the sound of it on my tongue.

crib. It's been on my mind lately and the days are ticking by. Hopefully this weekend we will find one, get it set up, and I can start putting all the sweet and lovely little things in it. Here is the picture of the one that I would like to have. Different bedding and such, of course, but I love the crib. The white, the beadboard, the scalloped bottom edge, and the curved top. Lovely.


chelle said...

I am just loving each and every one of your alphabet posts. They are enchanting and make me of that book called The Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.
And here's my wish for you this weekend: The Crib of Your Dreams.

Jessica said...

Hi Fairlight! I see what you mean...There's nothing more distressing than a jumbled blog. :) I've never had much luck posting anything directly from flickr to my blog. Instead, I save things to my hard-drive, then upload the files to blogger. When I make mosaics, I use this handy website, which automatically generates mosaics with flickr images in any format imaginable. It's pretty user friendly...So good luck! Hope this helps:

Jessica said...

It all looks great! Love your new banner.

Leslie said...

... like the new look fairlight...
I loved getting to see you.. we all have kinda a mental image of what each other looks like, and yours was dead on...:)

CRIBS, oh how I love them. This one is cute, but the bedding is so darling. I spent so much time browsing, and still every time I lay her in her crib, I remember that it was all I wanted to do, when I was big and round, and it was NEVER going to end.

Here is to cribs and finished rooms!

Jessica said...

You'll be happy to know that I received your dreamy package yesterday. THANK YOU! You are so unbelievably thoughtful. Talk about random acts of kindness--You brightened my world!!

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