Friday, October 19, 2007

Four little friends

We stopped at our local produce stand the other evening, ostentensibly to just pick up a jar of local honey. But, we got side tracked by the tables full of lovely pumpkins and beautiful (if unusual) gourds. (I left my camera at home, but we are going back this weekend so I will take a few pictures of our favorites then.) Olivia's favorites are the baby pumpkins and the miniture gourds. They always have been. Something to do with all the ginormouse pumpkins and then the itty bitty ones that fit in your hand. Just her size. So, her daddy told her to pick out a few.
She fell in love with two orange pumpkins (minis) and two identical gourds (minis again.) She held them all the way home and played "family" with them all evening. In the morning I was picking up the living room, but the pumpkins were no where to be found. I didn't think much of it, figuring that she had them tucked some place "safe" and sure enough, when I made her bed later that morning, this is what I found. :)

Four little friends, lined up on her window sill, right next to her pillow.


Anonymous said...

Too too cute and all too familiar :) My girls do the same thing...something about all things tiny!

Connie said...

This was precious....little girls just want to 'mother' everything, don't they?

Jessica said...

cute pic and cute story!

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