Friday, September 28, 2007

A Fresh outlook

I decided the other day that our front door needed some decorating. And after being inspired by this wreath, I decided to make one for myself. It turned out pretty well. The picture frame is an old one that I found while cleaning out Mike's grandmother's house last fall, I found the grapevine wreath, ivy vine, and ribbon at Wal-mart (yes, the dreaded, boycotted, and banned wal-mart), the twine came from the wrapping paper box, and the old door knobs and lock plate came from my junk digging in Mike's grandfather's greenhouse (also last fall). The skeleton keys are from a house I lived in as a child. All pulled together, I think it looks pretty good. I think this could last us until it's time to put the Christmas wreath on the door. Which amazingly, will be upon us all to quickly.


chelle said...

That is spectacular Fairlight. I simply adore it! Have you ever seen the Martha Stewart 'Wreaths' book? Cause you'd love it.

Jessica said...

Lovely! I especially enjoy the frame behind it...It makes it so very unique. I am *SO* excited to have some snail mail love coming my way. YOu are the sweetest, and I don't even know what it is. Love surprises!

meg said...

What a lovely idea! I love the look of the old keys & how appropriate for a door :)

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