Wednesday, November 20, 2013

30 Days of Thankfulness {Day 12 - 16}

I'll be honest, this week sucked. It was a whole week of no-fun-ness. School work was a whine/nag/whine/nag/cry/ fest all week. No violin practicing happened at all. Small children were restless and slept badly. S/R had a canker sore in her mouth which made her cranky and difficult for her to talk, eat, smile, or laugh. M. was getting ready for a very stressful week of work (that would be this week!) and I was in a pretty bad mood every single day. We hung in there and persevered though.
What I am thankful for is
-God grace that is sufficient to cover any and all of my mistakes
- my children's' hearts
- new mercies and new beginnings every day

On Saturday, we were just plain crazy. M. got up at 3:30 to go hunting. S. woke up before 6am (nutty boy!) and demanded that I get up too. We had a birthday party at noon. M. came home (with no deer), we came back by the house at 2 (after the party,)  picked M. up and went to another birthday party, and finally came home a 5:30pm to cook dinner, give baths, and go to bed. Oh. my. word. 2 birthday parties back to back is way too much partying for anybody, just sayin'!
But, I'm thankful that we have friends who love our kids and invite us to their parties. It's a blessing to get to see my kids playing with their friends.

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