Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A long drive, a heartbeat, and peace of mind

I've had a lot on my mind the last two months or so.
Here is my explanation of why.
We took a long drive yesterday.
A very long drive.
It's a little over an hour to get to the clinic
and when we arrived, 10 minutes late, I was informed that
my appt. was at 10 am, not 10:30.
So we waited
and waited
and waited.
They finally called us back to a room
we went through the questions,
the history,
an inquisition, as it may be.
And after all this time,
the long drive,
and the waiting for almost an hour,
I finally got to hear what my heart had been so longing for...
a heartbeat.
Very quiet, but oh so strong and very fast.
For you see,
my dear friends,
I am expecting a baby.
A new little one will be welcomed into our family
sometime in November before Thanksgiving.
I was finally able to relax after hearing that
quiet "whosh-whosh-whosh."
The past two weeks have about driven me to distraction
with the waiting and the unknown.
Somehow, this time, a positive pregnancy test
was just not enough confirmation.
I needed to hear for myself.
And now,
peace of mind.
So now, I am allowing myself the luxury
of dreaming.
And finding Inspiration.
My dreams of pink and blue,
green and yellow,
tiny booties and great big cribs.

Olivia is dreaming of mobiles and a baby sister
and finding great delight in the

Unfortunately, she tells us that if the baby is a boy,
we must send it back.
But if we have two babies at the same time
one can be a girl and the other can be a boy.

Michael is already thinking of paying for two college educations.
I try to tell him not to worry.
It's a long way's off.
I just want to rock my baby and see it's pretty little face,
kisses it's hands, and count the little baby toes.

Before long I'm sure I will be sharing belly pictures,
discussing announcements,
and worrying about how much weight I've gained,
but for now
it's dreams.
Sweet wonderful dreams.
And these are my inspiration.
Much Love,

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