Thursday, December 20, 2007

Our Sunday afternoon project

Gingerbread house!

Here's what Sadie~Rose thought of this whole business.

One happy girl!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

3 weeks

So hard to believe that Sadie~Rose has been with us for three weeks now. She has become such an integral part of our lives and I'm not sure how we got along without her before she made her arrival. Never have we had so much joy and love in our household. It's amazing what one little child can do. Not wanting to forget anything, I wanted to write down some of our {her}
highlights from the past three weeks.

~by the grand old age of three days, Sadie~Rose's 1st tooth was already thru and shining. {No, I'm not kidding and I have a picture to prove it!}
~had our 1st bath when she was three days old. She loved it.

~Marmee and Aunt Violet came on day four to take care of us.

~Our 1st outing was when she was 10 days old. We went to the library book sale. And then Christmas shopping at Tuesday Morning. She did wonderful.

~ Also at 10 days old, we put up our Christmas tree and mommy put all the lights on by herself {which put her back in bed for most of the next day.}
~ When our midwife came over on day 10 {yes, Sadie~Rose's 10th day of life was extremely busy!} to do her PKU test, she weighed 8 lbs and 4 oz. She had gained 1 lb and 4 oz in 10 days! I was so proud of her. :)

~Around this time, we started getting to sleep for 4 straight hours at night. Praise God!

~Aunt Violet could get Sadie~Rose to sleep any time, anywhere while she was here. It was amazing.

~Marmee and Aunt Violet went home when she was two weeks old. Leaving Mommy in charge of two little girl's all by herself. {we've all survived!}
~Sadie~Rose had a terrible bout with gas the night that she was 14 days old. Non-stop crying and screaming from 7 pm until midnight. Never was I so glad to hear someone pass gas.

~Meme and Grandpa came to visit us when she was 15 days old.
~We took our first trip to Mount Pleasant and Whole Foods grocery store when she was 16 days old. The child is a born shopper. Just like her sister, her mom, her aunts, her grandmother, and her great grandmother. :)

~We took her to "The Singing Christmas Tree" that night and she behaved wonderfully. Her big sister on the other hand....

~Our 1st time back to church and Sadie~Rose was 17 days old. She slept through the intro, the Praise and Worship, the announcements, and the drama but woke up when Pastor Mike started talking and decided she was hungry. We spent the rest of the service in the nursery, catching up with friends {and feeding the baby of course.} We had a blast showing her off to all of our friends.

~Ate out at Panera Bread and went shopping at Sam's after church. She did great and we even ran into some friends and got to show her off even more.

~We celebrated Christmas with Meme and Grandpa when she was17 days old.
~On day 19 she decided it was time to start smiling. So, now we get smiles, if we talk to her just right. Oh, and she;s starting to "talk" to us as well. So much sweetness in such a little body.
~At 19 days old, we took her out shopping again, yes, again. Earth Fare and World Market. She decided to eat while at World Market. Mommy got to sit in the van. :)
~Her favorite time of the day is early morning, around 7 am. It's usually just her, mommy, and daddy. She'll lay in bed between us and look around with her big wide eyes and wave her hands and "talk" to us. Taking everything in. Smiling. Makes my heart want to burst.
~Three weeks old to the day, we had Meme take our picture for our Christmas cards. Sadie~Rose did not want to cooperate. Neither did Olivia. There are some rough pictures in the bunch, but a few good ones too. {funny little side note: both of my girls wore outfits that Chelle got for them. How cute is that?}
~Three weeks old and one day-Meme and Grandpa headed back to Oklahoma and Daddy went back to work. Mommy is left alone with two little girls...again. {We're doing good!}
Things I love about this little Rose:
~the soft baby fuzz on her ears, her back, and her shoulders

~the way she'll give you a half cocked grin when you kiss her on the cheek

~how she follows her sister around the room with her eyes, you can already tell that she adores her~the way she snuggles with her daddy and cries when he goes out of her line of sight

~watching her "peck" for her dinner {or breakfast, or lunch, or anytime snack} when she's really hungry

~how her chin and bottom lip quiver when she's upset

~her "startle" reflex
~how she likes to rub her tongue on her tooth when she's not finding anything interesting to look at
~how she scrunches up in a ball to sleep on my lap

~the sound of her "purring" while she nurses, the sweetest sound on earth

~her sweet little nose

~how she always gives a little kick at the end of a big big yawn

~how she sighs in her sleep

~the way she looks around, so bright eyed and inquisitive
~when she forms her mouth into a perfect little "o" and you can just hear the thoughts in her brain. Oh! she says.

~her fingers, so sweet and delicate. I love to kiss them
~how she likes to dance to music and bounce on the birthing ball when she has the hiccups
~her looking right up at my eyes while she's eating

~the sight of her little mouth, all milky after she falls asleep and let's go. Once in awhile, you'll catch her with a big grin. So satisfied.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

lovely day ahead...

in-laws arrived last night

had a lovely dinner together

lots of baby holding

watched an old movie until we were all falling asleep

{except the two little girls of course}

today is winter-y

at least from looking out the window it is :)

hot chocolate and good company for breakfast

this evening we are going to see

"The Singing Christmas Tree"

at a local church

we're meeting some dear friends

and taking Mike's parents

can't wait

haven't been to one since I was 10

dinner out afterwards

yummy food and family {again}

lots of kisses

lots of snuggles

lots of pictures {hopefully}

good to bed happy

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Learning curve...

mom left this morning
kind of lonely
kind of scared
what am I going to do with two little ones
all on my own?
never done this before
it's been ok so far
baby ate and slept for three hours
while big sister played on the computer
and I ate breakfast
cleaned the bathroom
did a load of laundry
picked up rooms
made beds
and then got to work on Christmas presents
Baby woke up
wanted to eat
and now we start all over again :)
thank goodness Daddy comes home for lunch
I think we might make it through the day

Funny to think that I could be scared of these two sweet faces

but truly, moments of sheer fear
every once in awhile. :)
God, what a learning curve this will be
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