Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Somewhere along the line, my baby turn 8. How did this happen and where have those years gone??? I look at her and see a girl, almost eye to eye with me, a head full of dreams, a love for big words, and a wild spirit inside. She wants to go to New York and be a famous writer (thank you, Little Women!) yet she wants to stay at home and be a mommy, "just like you" she says. She pushes buttons that I didn't even know I had and sends me to the edge of my limit almost daily but she has the biggest heart for people and especially babies and pregnant ladies (midwife in the making?) She can read for hours on end, anything from H. A. Rey and Richard Scary to Rudyard Kipling and Carolyn Keene. She generally has 4-5 books all going at the same time. She's passionate about history and science. She loves to help cook and pretends to dance like Shirley Temple (generally in our driveway while all the neighbors are out.) She is feisty and full of energy. Her smile is like a sun ray. I get so tickled when I see her wink at me across the room (yes, I do know who she got that from) and she has an affinity for making her little sister scream. She's obessed at the moment with figure skating and starts lessons next Saturday. She thinks boys are "crazy and naughty" yet she spends a lot of time playing with them. She plays hard with her "best" friend and they stick to each other like glue, holding hands and whispering in each others ear, giggling, and even with a secret hand shake.

We were so blessed 8 years ago to have her join our little family. She made us go from "you and me" to "us." Our first baby, our first everything. What a ride it's been. God's been so gracious.

birthday muffins

cupcake topper mess

toppers and labels

play dough party favors

birthday gifts


wrappings and ribbon

before it was packed up to take to the park

coconut cake, topped

gf cupcakes for our gluten intolerant friends

plates, napkins, straws, and favors

a happy birthday girl

crazy candles

all lit up (and I don't mean the cake)

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