Sunday, November 10, 2013

30 Days of Thankfulness {Day 9}

Today I am thankful for:
- my parents, today is their 23rd anniversary. I'm thankful that we got to become a family, that they did the best they could with the circumstances that life handed them, that God's grace covers everything - if you ask Him.
I got to be at my parents wedding, which is a pretty special thing for a 6 year old. It was the start of a wonderful childhood and life. The people that I know as "parents" are completely different people than what people who knew them, 10 years or more, prior to that knew. My childhood and growing up years were beautiful and precious and I treasure those memories. Our little family of 5 was the best. I could not have wished for better. I am thankful that my parents stuck through the hard times to get to their wedding and after that, it was pretty much smooth sailing. And their anniversary's always make me thankful, because my life and who I am today could have been so completely different if they had not said, "I do." And I am thankful that it's not.

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