Wednesday, November 20, 2013

30 Days of Thankfulness {Day 18-19}

Day 18
So thankful for
- a beautiful warm day
- finding the birthday gifts I need
- hanging out with O. and working together
- watching a new movie that the kids love but I had never seen and they wanted to share it with me
- the gentle rhythms of ironing M's work shirts
- a reminder to no panic and always trust in my Father, He will never fail me
- knowing that I'm married to a Godly man who pursues God in everything he does
- listening to M. talk about his day when he finally arrived home late
- M and I snuggling S. in his bed while we talked and seeing how content he was to have us both right there with him
-being able to turn the days' events over to the Lord and be at peace about them all

Day 19

- being at home, most of the day
- observing S/R lie on the couch and watch O while she practices the violin and then clap after every song
- seeing S/R's creativity come out when it's her turn to practice
-watching the kids play together
- seeings S's delight as we pull out the trains and tracks per his request and then getting to listen to his little train conversations as he plays with them
- the small sense of accomplishment from helping S/R make a loom bracelet while helping O with her pronouns (all 6 different kinds of them!) and nursing S and balancing the laptop all at the same time
- sunlight coming through my living room windows
- M not going out to dinner with his overseas guests from work and pulling in the driveway right after us
- my kids delight screams of "Daddy's home!!!!" as they see his truck park beside us
- the fact that he enjoys my company better than anyone else's

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