Friday, November 01, 2013

30 Days of Thankfulness {Day 1}

It's November! How is that possible?
This is my 4th year of doing 30 Days of Thankfulness. I always look forward to it and love it. A lot of people post theirs on facebook now, but I've gotten farther and farther away from posting too much on FB anymore, so back to the blog I come. My hope it to, one day soon, compile these Nov. posts into a book for my family to look back on and remember. It's always fun and a blessing to see what was going on in our daily lives and how everyone has grown and what has changed.

Today I am thankful for:
- a quiet moment all to myself in the early morning
- a new notebook to make all of my holiday lists in
- making plans
- small people to snuggle with
- the neighbors trees across the road turning pretty colors
- peace
- leftover pizza from last night
- the most beautiful weather to enjoy while O, S, and myself take our Friday evening stroll around the block
- smiling faces that know us at the dance studio, book store, and quilt shop as we pop in to say "hi"
- S's delight and happiness over getting to drop our water bill in the drop box
- cinnamon scented pincones
- the patterns I need being on sale
- a kindly clerk at the grocery store who bagged my groceries, let S help him, chatted with him on the way to the car, and unloaded my million bags into the back of my van while I tried to buckle a slithering writhing  toddler into his carseat
- O's love of adventures in odessey
- a glass of wine and a moment of quiet
- M making it safely home to us after getting lost in the woods and the dark while hunting
- reading books at bedtime to my boy while he delightedly snuggles under the covers of his bed

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