Thursday, February 03, 2011

January wrap-up

This month was a busy one for sure! Here's a little run down of all our big (and small) family doings of Jan.

- bought the family "Be a Tourist" pass for Charleston and visited The Aiken-Rhett House, The Charleston Museum, Children's Museum of the Lowcountry, Drayton Hall, H.L. Hunley Museum,
Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, Middleton Place, and the North Charleston & American LaFrance Fire Museum.

- Sadie-Rose had her 1st dentist appointment.

- We cold turkey took away the pacifier and after 4 nights, she was fine without it.

- We had a baby boy on 1-11-11!

- Mike took off the first 3 days (and the weekend) to stay home and take care of us.

- My mom came to stay with us when Samuel was 3 days old and went home when he was 10 days old. Such a blessing! We loved having her.

- We had a house showing when Samuel was 11 days old. Our 1st one since Sept.

- We discovered that you can't really figure out a new carseat and install it in your car in less than 15 minutes.

- Samuel's 1st outing was to Italian Bistro where we ate a late lunch while they showed our house. He slept through the entire meal and cried all the way home.

- We have been working with Samuel on EC'ing and so far it's been great and we're seriously impressed. Even Daddy.

- Olivia only took off 4 days of school and then we were back on it. Except for math. I haven't been ready to tackle math yet.

- We are 3-4 weeks away from being done with school books for this year. (Except math, for reasons stated above.)

- Friends brought us meals for 2 weeks straight! Another huge blessing!

- The girls have bunk beds now.

- Sadie-Rose has been a trooper and put up with us moving her out of our bed into a trundle bed beside us (for 10 nights) and then moving her into Olivia's room and the bottom bunk with amazing grace for her bumbling sleep-deprived parents. All without the comfort of her pacifier. (Thank the Lord and a friend for big sister flower essence!)

- Samuel has been amazing with his desire/ability to sleep in the crib in our room. The only one of our children to do so! He naps in it during the day and sleeps good portions of the night in it as well.

- Olivia went back to Awana after only one weeks absence after her brother was born. Daddy, Mommy, Sadie-Rose, and Samuel hung out at B&N.

- The last weekend of Jan. we took the kids on 1 house tour, the Children's museum and Earth Fare on Sat. then a plantation and garden tour, Awana, Costco, and Publix on Sunday. Samuel only fussed a few times. We were totally exhausted, every one of us.

A full month for sure. A small snippit of what this year might be like? hmmmm...we'll see.


Misha Leigh. said...



Cottage Mommy said...

Wow! What a big, big month for all of you! Still can't believe you have a boy! He is so precious and beautiful! And hooray for a house showing!

Chelle said...

What Misha said...
really excited to here that you
( finally )have a little crib sleeper...
what a full and happy month...
and you handle all this transitioning so with such beauty + grace...

Andi Mae said...

How did I not catch that your little man was born on 1.11.11!? That is SO cool! And WOW! What a busy busy month you've had!

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