Friday, January 21, 2011


I would love to introduce you to:

Samuel Levi
January 11, 2011
6:12 pm
6 lbs. 6 oz.
at home

We are all settling in, adjusting, and recovering.
None of us were prepared for how sweet life would be with a baby boy.
It's pretty amazing.


me said...

oooohhh He is sooo cute! I'm so happy for you Fairlight, you have been blessed with a gorgeous family, can't wait to meet him in person!

Liv said...

Ooh, baby boys are sweet. Congrats!
Now it's my turn to meet my baby girl, so soon.

Leslie said...

oh Fairlight that last shot of you and him.. is pure sweetness..

love knowing the sweet days your having.. your such an incredible mama.

Ivy said...

He is so amazingly handsome! I still can't believe you guys had a boy. CONGRATS!

Cottage Mommy said...

He is so beautiful Fairlight! One of the prettiest little newborns I've ever seen! So so happy for you and your family!

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Oh my, he is incredibly sweet looking! -Almost brought tears to my eyes. New life does that to me. It's such a miracle - and so beautiful!
Congratulations to you and Mike! Indeed, baby boys are amazing. ;)
Ps - you look great!!

Chelle said...

oh that last one of the two of you together made me cry...isn't it the sweetest love affair? and what beautiful and special days these are for you...and he couldn't be one smidgen more gorgeous...are you sleeping and resting up?

Jessica said...

Congrats, he's adorable!!

Andrea said...

he is soooooo adorable - congratualtions! :)

Misha Leigh. said...

He's pure sugar. I am just so happy for you!!

Bridget said...

Congratulations, he is such a beautiful baby!

Aminta said...

Oh Fair... my heart is so full for you. I love him, every cute tiny bit of him. Miss you much darling momma. You make some pretty flippin cute babies over there!

Abby Foster said...

Congratulations to you and your family! He is lovely! :)

Andi Mae said...

He is seriously so beautiful! And I am so so thrilled that you are now part of the mama of little boys club! :) Love you sweet friend + that new little MR. of yours!!

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