Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Craft Party

This week my friend, Wendy, and I threw a Christmas Craft party at Wendy's house. I had been tossing around the idea ever since Jessica sent our her lovely invitation, but after seeing her posts about the outcome of her amazing "Christmas Crafternoon" I knew we had to do it.
So, with only one weeks time to plan, buy, thrift, craft, and invite people Wendy and I got busy!
Tuesday was our big night and it turned out so well. 10 ladies, 5 different crafts, and nonstop chatting!
Here is a little snapshot of our evening;

We had a great time coming up with ideas, and had way too many of course.
These are the 5 that we finally settled on:
1. Glittered Word Banner
2. Chai Concentrate
3. Vintage Cake Stand
4. Coconut Oil Body Scrub
5. Peace word blocks

Each craft turned out really well and everyone seemed really pleased with what they took home.
My favorite was the glittered word banners. I loved getting to see my friends covered in gold and silver glitter! And I now have one hanging over my bed and more ready to wrap around packages. (Inspiration from here, here, and here)

The Chai concentrate is (in Sadie-Rose's words) "du-nummy!" If you like chai tea or black tea, you really should try it! It would make an excellent teacher's gift with a box of black tea and a cute mug. (Inspiration from here)

The cake stands were so fun. Everyone loved making up their own combination.
(Inspiration here and here)

I'm in-love with the body scrub! Someone at the party said, "I want to eat it!" Well, you probably could! It's made from sugar, coconut oil, and a few drops of organic essential oil. So much goodness in one little jar! I made two varieties. One is Lavender, peppermint, sweet orange and the other is peppermint and tea tree. Both are destined for the shower, but they are super fast, easy, and the combination's are only limited by your selection of essential oils. (Inspiration here)

And last, but certainly not least, was the Peace word blocks. Wendy and I had made some a few weeks before Thanksgiving and they were so well liked on Facebook that we decided that we couldn't possibly do a craft night without them. Wendy, her husband, and her two teenagers spent a lot of hard work and time getting 15 sets of blocks cut, sanded, and painted as well as vinyl letters and scrapbook papers cut. In the end, I think everyone loved this project the best.
Wendy has several sets of block sets leftover(with vinyl letters and papers,) if you are interested in a set to make yourself, please let me know! (Inspiration found here)

I loved getting to decorate everyone's take home bags and all the instructional picture frames. I love those kinds of little details! (Inspiration for here)

We had so much fun putting all of this together and all of the little details that made it even more lovely. I was super tired the day after, but I can't complain because I loved every minute of it, so much so that I didn't get home until almost 1:30 am!
Sadly, I didn't take enough photos and so few have actual people in them. I also forget to take pictures of our delicious buffet of desserts and appetizers. Next time I'll make a list! :)

We had such a positive response and everyone was so excited (and we had so many more ideas!) that Wendy and I are going ahead and planning another one for March. We can hardly wait!


Anonymous said...

I would KILL to go to one of your parties chick! There is NO ONE up here who does things like this. I am a lone woman in a dry and thirsty frozen tundra.

Anonymous said...

I would KILL to go to one of your parties chick! There is NO ONE up here who does things like this. I am a lone woman in a dry and thirsty frozen tundra.

Lisa said...

absolutely beautiful! so wonderfully done!

Keri Lee Sereika said...

Oh how fun! I wish I could have made it! I wanted to come so badly but there was just way too much going on this time of year for me! Perhaps March will be slower??

Chelle said...

So lovely. You are amazing Fair...what a fun + pretty party. And so glad to hear that you are going to do it again...

I was sad to see that I'd missed a call from you this morning. We were off to a Christmas party for the little Pre-School Co-op this morning.

P.S. JANUARY IS NOT THAT FAR AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I know because the end of March/begining of April isn't feeling all that far away.


Nikki said...

All the craft parties floating around the blogosphere are amazing! You and Wendy did a lovely job--so glad you shared the inspiration sources, too! said...

oh fairlight, it's perfect! wish i could've dropped by. the peace word blocks are amazing. i need to study how-to more in depth. and i love the glitter garland. so sweet and festive. and what a great idea to make the sugar/salt scrub. so glad to hear everyone had such a great time!!

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