Thursday, February 12, 2009

Middleton Place '09

You can see last year's visit here.

5 comments: said...

beautiful! i can't believe my that really miss olivia milking a cow!? i am so impressed!

Lisa said...

as beautiful this year as it was last!
look at all those signs of spring, so so wishing it were here....

Aminta said...

Beautiful!!!! Looks like you had such a wonderful time!
Loves to you dear!

LIttle Candle said...

Daffodils!? How beautiful!
We got more snow last night...ugh
Thank you for posting the pics of the flowers and warm weather...Spring will be here soon.
Feel better soon dear friend!

kt mac said...

what a lovely and peaceful place. it is just scrummy!

And so cute you got a picture of Olivia milking the cow both years in a row hehe - she's awesome that girl!
and wow Rose is really walking now huh?

Also... so nice chatting with you lots this week. It is always so much fun :)

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