Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm so sick

of seeing my own post below that even though I don't have anything important to say, I've just got to post something else to look at. :)

img via neawear on etsy

I've been on a baking kick this week. Two kinds of cookies, brownies, and bread.
And they are all gone. Never fear, I did not eat all of them myself. I've shared.

I've tried to sew all week, but it just has not been as productive as I had hoped.
But I've got a bunch of yummy new ideas that I'm working on. I'll share once I get a few finished.

I hope you all enjoy this last Friday in February. Can you believe month 2 is already over? When every one is back on Monday, it will be March! So exciting! Spring is almost here and good things are coming.

Have a wonderful weekend. Even if it's cold stormy and grey. Watch a great movie, make a big pot of yummy soup, cuddle under a blanket with your sweetheart, sipping tea and talking about dreams. Talk to you all soon!


Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

I love your posts, Fairlight! They are always so full of warmth and delight and cheerfuls! Always make me smile deer friend! I too have been baking...only cookies and cakes lol And they too are gone!

Love you friend and hope your weekend is full of lovelies said...

i hear you! there's nothing like a fresh post. :) i am loving these etsy wall hangings. great find!

i can't believe feb is over either. insane. can't wait to see those new projects of yours!

Aminta said...

Lol You are so cute!
I was certainly not sick of it! It made me remember (because I am so feather brained) to go and visit your etsy shop everytime to see something new!
I planned on sewing today, but always unexpected thing come up to foil that plan. Seems to happen way too often!
How is your weather?! I have been watching and worrying and praying for you dear!

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