Friday, March 07, 2008

Middleton Place

Yesterday was a perfectly lovely spring day.
My friend, Rachael, invited us to join her and her two boys
on a trip to Middleton Place,
a former rice plantation in the Charleston area.
Here are a few pictures of the wonderful time that we had.


Lots of spring daffodils .

Olivia and Noah in one of the
gorgeous Live Oak trees


Magnolia tree blossom.

the mill house

the spring house
marvelous piece of engineering

more stairs :)

the pigs on the farm

Olivia was not afraid to milk the cow.
She grabbed on with both hands.

Noah on the other hand, was slightly apprehensive.
Two fingers and that's it. :)

This baby sheep was only 15 minutes old.
It was so amazingly sweet.

One last tree climb before we left.
Middleton Place


Connie said...

What a wonderful outing....and you got some great photos!
Your baby is adorable.

meg said...

What a wonderful place to visit~ I'd like to go along next time :-)

Amanda said...

this is where my sister and her hubby went on their honeymoon for a long weekend. they got married at his grandmother's home in the historic district of fun to see it in your pictures!

chelle said...

Oh the pictures are just so lovely...what an enchanting place. So glad you had this splendid spring outing and that you took pictures for those of us who were not able to join you. said...

How enchating! From a storybook!

Leslie said...

what an awesome outing, and fantastic pictures to go with it... :)

Shanna said...

Looks like a lovely day! Of course I love your stairs shots ;)

Becca said...

Oh I just love the spring and all the pretty flowers!

Lisa said...

looks wonderful!

Katie said...

beautiful! that looks like so much fun!

chelle said...

I. Miss. You.


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