Sunday, January 04, 2009

A quiet Sunday afternoon

I'm thinking about using part of my {Christmas gift} gift card for one of these books.

I enjoyed looking through this slideshow. I'm feeling like our whole house needs a revamp of beauty and functionality for our family to continue and be happy in it.
More on that later.

These cookies look and sound amazing. Make sure to watch the video. It is sure to make you giggle.

I'm enjoying browsing Robert Muhl's paintings. I like the floral still life's and the seascapes best.

Ok, so I'm being slightly inspired by this lady. Obviously.

I'm in serious need of some new tunes to listen to. I am looking forward to checking out the albums on this playlist. Do you have any suggestions?

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Dawna said...

I have 'Living a Beautiful Life' and I so love it. I've read and reread it a hundred times or more and I find something new every time. Incidentally, I think your home is beautiful and inspirational just the way it is and love it when you share peeks of it with us. I especially love the blue wall! Happy New Year, dear friend!

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