Monday, January 05, 2009

December Daily: Day 25

December 25

Christmas Day

We slept in a bit and got a late start to opening packages
but that was ok, we were in no hurry.
Packages were opened, tea was brewed, camera batteries died,
so everything stopped while they charged.
So we watched a newly open movie, ate breakfast, and Miss Rose
fell asleep on the floor amongst all the wrappings.
Eventually we started unwrapping again,
and finished up.
A pie was made, more movies were watched,
and I scurried around to finish up a few more gifts for the friends that we
would be seeing that afternoon.
Presents finished and wrapped,
out the door we went, to spend a few hours at Dan and Elizabeth's
relaxing and eating and catching up on life.
Then we were off again, this time to David and Debbi's,
for a late dinner.
The kids had fun playing with their new toys
and the guys hung out in the garage,
and Debbi and I spent a hour or two
browsing the heirloom seed catalogs online.
It was a quiet day, spent with friends.
Very different than our "normal" Christmas,
but that was ok.

We hope you each had a wonderful Christmas
spent with family and friends
and enjoying the wonder of the Season.

1 comment:

Aminta said...

Oh lovely!
Loved that Sadie Rose fell asleep in the best place possible on a Christmas morning.... such a dear little darling! LOVED that she is WALKING! SIGH!
And I want you to know that I ADORED the photo gallery........ the bed and the linen closet were my favs!
Love and miss you darling!

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