Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Singing in the rain

We've had several rainy days lately
and Olivia decided to go out and play.

She's my happy girl.
We adore our rainbow umbrella,
she's wearing my rain jacket from when I was little,
and her wellies from her Marmee.


Shanna said...

She's getting so big Fairlight! What a fun set of pictures with that umbrella!

Leslie said...

so so sweet, I love your backyard too....

she looks so grownup!

Lisa said...

Sweetness, I tell you, pure sweetness!
And I love her rain jacket and boots - it wouldn't be as fun without them, huh???

meg said...

What a great, big, umbrella~ I'm envious :-)
Looks like she's having a great time~ would she share a little of her rain?

joell said...

What a sweetie!
Yes, how about that rain?? Pretty persistant all day today. I'm thankful we haven't seen any of that "severe weather" they predicted for us today!

Lisa said...

lovely little pink boots ... better than the morton's salt girl. ;) {i loved playing with umbrellas when i was her age ~ pretending they were parasols ....}

chelle said...

such cuteness in these last two posts...I can hardly stand it!!! makes me want to s-q-u-e-a-l with delight.

that and I am loving the pretty new songs at the top of your playlist...

boy, I miss you!!!

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