Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We found this big bubble wand at TJ Maxx the other day
and decided to give it a try.
I tried to make our own bubble solution
(without a recipe mind you)
and it didn't work so great.
Maybe next time.
We had fun taking pictures though!


Shanna said...

A friend of mine has a great recipe for bubbles. I'll get it from her or send her here to give it to you herself ;)

Jamy said...

Hey! Shanna sent me over here. I actually have just used bubble solution but add glycerine. It's kind of expensive, but it helps make the bubbles stronger. I have a good site but admit I haven't tried the recipe yet. But Glycerine will help a ton. Hope that helps!! CUTE blog BTW!

Leslie said...

......cute bubbles and the girly in the Bumbo.. :)

marta said...

fairlight, just wanted to pop in and say you've won this week's giveaway! stop by my blog for the details. congrats and enjoy your set of stationery!

xo. marta

joell said...

First let me say how much I enjoy TJ Maxx! Or as I like to call it...TJs.
You just never know what you are going to find there!!

Looks like y'all had fun anyhow...great bubble solution or not. :-)

Little Candle said...

I too would have just winged making my own bubble mix. I usually have little luck with things like that, but it never stops me!
Lovely pictures of your beautiful girls. They will make a great scrapbook spread!
Don't you just love summer?
Sarah :)

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