Wednesday, August 27, 2008

In love with my library

I just love our library. I love books. That is no surprise to anyone who's ever been to my house.
We have many bookcases full of books, books in boxes never unpacked from our move (2years ago!) and yet I continue to buy more books. You can never have enough in my opinion.
So last Friday, our library had a used book sale. And we were there at 3pm when the door opened and here is my loot.
Some really good children's books. A huge book of Richard Scary (love him!) Island of the Blue Dolphins (adore it!) Some Little Golden Books (<3 <3) Be Nice To Spiders (always a classic) another ABC alphabet book (I'm such a sucker for those) and some of Alan Baker's Rabbit books.
A few Eyewitness videos (Olivia;s faves) The Parent Trap, The Wizard of Oz (it's kind of freaked Olivia out,) and Charlotte's Web.

But I also found this really really cool old text book.
In French.

With awesome illustrations like these.

Not exactly sure what I'm going to do with it, since none of us speak or read a lick of French,
bit I was thinking of a variation of maybe this or this? They are adorably cute.

I found a complete set, minus #4 (which we already have) of the Little House on the Prairie set.
It cost me all of $7. Score!

I found a couple of adult books too. None I have ever read. I was tickled to find the new John Grisham book. I had looked at it in paperback form at Costco just a few days before. I paid $2 for this hardback copy. Love it! I also found a James Herriot audio tape and Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
For someday when Mike and I get to watch movies without kids. :)
One of my favorite finds was this really cool old art book, full of famous paintings.

What sold me (beside the fact that it's ancient old, beat up, and an art book) was these amazing illustrations on the inside of the front and back covers. Click on the photo and you'll be able to read the text. I paid $2 for this. Can you imagine?
So my grand total = $40 I love days thrifting days like that.
I got some great deals, maybe steals, and had lots of fun.
I can't wait until the next one and a chance to bring home another box of books.


Anonymous said...

Hey there! I stumbled upon your blog... and this post caught my attention. First of all, I LOVE deals. Secondly, I love deals on books! Good job.

Thanks for letting me visit!

Anonymous said...

What fun!! I have many of those books and my daughter has a few of them too ;) Love the classics. Wow! $40 what a steal!

Chelle said...

You hit the jack-pot my dear...such good finds...and of course I love your two favorites the best too, facny that. ;)

Leslie said...

love this post.. I too visit our used library book store weekely and adore our finds, the cool part is ours are all a dime, so you really have to dig, but so so fun. I too am dying to see what you make out of that french book so fun, and I owe you an email about the girly stuff... I know.

Lisa said...

great finds Fairlight!
Nothing is better then old books and a good deal....

joell said...

I am rather book obsessed myself. You got some great deals!

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