Wednesday, August 29, 2007

When the postman rings the bell...'s sure to be a good thing.
I participated in a "my favorite things" swap
with the girls over at Red Velvet Art, and
these pictures are what my swap partner, Jen, sent to me.
An inspiration journal, a scrap art frame,
a button ring (my fav!), and a sweet card as well as a little something for Olivia.

close up of the frame

the quote says" I can still remember."

isn't this button ring darling?

Thank you Jen! It was lots of fun.
I can't wait until my next swap which is a scrap swap. You can find out more detail here.


chelle said...

lol. we had the same exact idea at the same exact time (to "advertise" the scrap swap and we haven't even talked yet today :)
Do great minds think alike or what?! Isn't that how how it goes? Or also in our case " like minds that think alike?

Karen Ross Smith said...

Beautiful items! I used your link to join the scrap swap!

Jessica said...

Yay! I'm so happy you shared the joy of swapping. Your package looks so fun and fresh!

You're right--I need to find some great fabric and sew my own pillows. I'll appreciate them even more!

Have a wonderful weekend!

chelle said...

I saw the sweet bunch of stuff you sent Jen. I loved it all, and sounds like she did too!

Still waiting to hear if my swap partner recieved hers or not. And no sight of hers yet. Maybe today?!?!

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