Thursday, August 23, 2007

Falling for Fall

After my tirade about un-stylish maternity clothes the other day, which you can read here, I received my new fall catalog for DownEast Basics. They're a great clothing line that Chelle shared with me. I've ordered several of their items and have had nothing but success in the wearing of them and always get compliments when I were this shirt. So, I was quite tickled to get their new fall catalog and start drooling over their luscious fall line-up. Hey! I'm not going to be pregnant forever (thank God!) and I will be able to wear normal clothes again before the fall is over (at least here in SC.) So, go ahead and enjoy with me.

Isn't this the most beautiful combination of colors?

It's the skirt I'm after, although the coat is very chic too.

I love the shirt (hello pink!), the scarf, and the jeans.
Cute cute!

A very stylish option for our very warm fall days here in the lowcountry.

Aren't these the yummiest dresses you have ever seen?
I want one in each color.
I can even nurse in them! Yay!
I love the gathers in the bodice and the ruffle around the neckline.
More pink! :)

I love this style!

Mike calls it "old lady"

but I prefer "retro" or "vintage style."

I just wonder if I could pull it off myself.

Isn't this fabulous?

I love this top even though it's more summer than fall.

Again, love the skirt but I also like this shirt.

It's called the tuxedo top.

Really loving the red too.

And this lovely little number here.
So sweet, so stylish, and just the right pop to go with anything.
Love it!
PS. Here is a little blurb off of DEB's website that just gives you a little reason why to love their clothes even more. "We offer the latest layering & modest fashions at modest prices."


chelle said...

Downeast Basics is just one of the best little discoveries of the summer, don't you think. And I just love the outfits you showcased so beautifully . My favorite being the ruffley gathered teelike blouses. And those dresses are all just DARLING!

Summers Camp said...

Hola chica! Thanks for your kind words en route your visit today! :)
And what a lovely blog you have here! *B

Leslie said...

LOVE these clothes.. so cute, and love how modest.. Checking out it for sure! Thanks fairlight!

meg said...

Those clothes are so sweet & cute- I especially love the polka dot dresses- too bad I don't have the figure for it :P
I really wasn't looking for you; I was visiting one of my friends here & saw a comment you made (please don't ask me where- I can't even remember dinner last night); I thought the name looked familiar, so I dropped by.
BTW, if you haven't checked her out yet, visit Mrs Stagg at "A Happy Miscellany" (her link is on my blogger page) I think would really enjoy her.

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