Friday, August 17, 2007

Another Friday is here...

I've been hearing a lot of "buzz" lately on the blogs about Martha Stewart's new collection of things at Macy's. After looking through the latest magazine, I decided to have a look-see for myself. I've found a stash of things I would love to have, and most of it is surprisingly low in price, compared to what I thought they would be. Below are some of my favorite finds.

I love stoneware, but it's so hard to find good deals.

These seem like a lovely compromise

and I just love the whole composition of the shot.

Who would not love to wrap up in these after a nice hot shower?

I want them in turquoise.

I keep all of my loose recipes in a large three ring binder,

but this is so retro looking.

I'm sure I could come up with another use for it.

Just as long as it was sitting in my kitchen.

I just like the "look" of these little triangular shaped boxes.

I need this in my master bath. It goes so well with the
bedroom. I think I may just redo the whole bathroom
around this picture.

I love teapots and tea kettles.
This one reminds me of a robin's egg.

The bead-board, the open shelves, the arrangement of the dishes,
the bright dashes of yellow, the color on the wall!
Absolutely lovely.

I love wire baskets and are always on the look out for them
at flea markets and antique stores.
These are on sale at Macy's for $7.99 and $9.99
I'm so tempted.

Isn't this a great piece of furniture?
And everything so neatly arranged.
Makes me want to go clean out our linen cupboard.

This would go so perfect in my lavender kitchen.

I love this rug, and I'm not normally a rug person.
Love the lavender, but it also comes in a great shade of red.

I need these cake stands. I truly do.

I would love to have a collection of vintage linens to hang over
an antique drying rack in the corner of my room.
It makes you want to reach out and touch them.

I adore this china cupboard with the painted interior,
white china display, and background wall color.
These are my covets. :)
What is in the new collection that you would love to have?


Connie said...

You have a lovely blog here! Thanks for dropping by mine.
I didn't know Macy's was carrying
M.S. Did she drop K-Mart or still doing both? I like it all...but I think I need that recipe box to file my garden seeds in. :-)

Jessica said...

What I wouldn't give to have a charming painted cupboard filled with pure, white dishes...Thanks for the eye candy!

chelle said...

Oh my! I am just in love with that recipe box, the shower curtain, and that robins egg tea kettle, but it's all so, so beautiful. How did I miss the news that M.S. had a new collection at Macy's? If I wasn't already broke, after this post I certainly would be.

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