Friday, November 09, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness {Days 7 & 8}

Day 7
today I'm thankful for:
not passing out with a needle in my arm
good kids
an understanding husband
(today was a bad day. I'm just glad I made it through the day and I don't  want to see the inside of a again in a very long time. And I really don't want any needles stuck in me ever again. period.)

Day 8
today I'm thankful for:
getting up early and getting lots done
new opportunities
a beautiful day where my kids can play outside
violin lessons for Olivia
a great library with an excellent reserve system
dance lessons for Sadie-Rose
the best kids book store ever, run by the kindest lady ever (she lets Olivia sit and read all her books while Sadie-Rose is at dance class, 2 doors down)
a baby boy who needed some extra snuggles and just wanted to be held
a good trip through Target with all the kids in tow
a warm house and a happy husband who had a cup of tea waiting for me as a walked in the door
snuggling all together in bed and watching a movie
a warm down comforter in a very cold bedroom

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