Tuesday, November 20, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness (Day 19 & 20)

Day 19
Today I'm thankful for:
pretty weather
some quiet time alone
talking with family
Mike fulfilling wishes and taking the girls fishing down at the pond
yummy hot soup to warm up with
Mimi making a special dinner for Miss O. because of her wicked canker sore on her tongue
laughing together at silly things
ice cream in a cup

Day 20
Today I am thankful for:
glorious weather
the sunrise
apple muffins like only Mam can make them
another new opportunity
chats on the phone with my mom
family friends who bring my girly her dream
a miniature pony named "Tony"
a camera to capture Sadie-Rose's happiness
3 kids who were over the moon delighted to get to play with and ride the pony
freshly scrubbed young'ins fresh out of the tub

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