Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's not summer anymore

Well, the calender says it's not. :) We're still hitting the low 80's here in the Deep South, but truly, it is being a beautiful autumn. Mid 50's at night and mid 70's (generally) during the day. I'm getting spoiled have the windows open.

I can not believe how quickly the summer flew by. We spent several weeks of craziness doing strawberry jam, strawberries in the freezer, blueberry jam, blueberries in the freezer, blackberries in the freezer, canned tomatoes, oven-roasted tomatoes and then pressure canned, peaches, peach cobblers, and peaches for jamming all in the freezer. Sadly all the frozen fruit was eaten within 2 weeks. I can not even begin to imagine the size of freezer we would need and the hours I would spend picking to keep my family (Mike!!!) in frozen berries for a whole year.

After we finished all of that we worked on our summer to-do list. It was fun to sit down with Olivia and brain-storm these fun activities. Our list is still hanching on the wall and we're still working on it but I think, by and large, we have finished all that we can for this "summer." Totally time for a "Holiday Season to-do list." But, here is a little run down of fun things we did.

>paint sparkle toes
>take a hike
>see a waterfall
>go camping
>take a road trip
>make blueberry jam
>see the 4th of July fireworks
>have a cookout with friends (twice)
>pick strawberries
>take a nature walk
>play monopoly
>eat pancakes
>plant some herbs
>sew a play tent
>summer reading program at the library
>Celebration Towne
>popcorn and a movie at home
>do a puzzle
>make marshmallow structures
>go swimming
>blow bubbles
>learn the ABC's in sign language
>make s'mores
>make homemade ice cream
>play jacks
>go to the beach
>bake cupcakes
>go ice skating
>have a family movie night
>start a new embroidery piece
>go to a beach birthday party
>make flower headbands
>finish Saxon Math2

sparkle toes for everyone except those yummy lil boy piggies)

oven roasted tomatoes ready to be made into sauce and pressurized

what the inside of your pressure cooker will look like if 1 of your jar lids wasn't screwed on properly and blows off during the cooking process

ice skating lessons

our yearly trip to the beach (samuel's 1st)

our vintage sheet tent
it looks cuter with a little girl in it


Melissa said...

I want a sheet tent! Eva and Finn would beg for one if they saw this picture. Great job!!

Andrea said...

What a sweet list of summer fun :) Love those sparkle toes - what a cute picture. And, oh dear, those silly jar lids - I'll bet that caused some excitement in the kitchen!

Cottage Mommy said...

So fun to see all these photos of your little cuties! Can't believe you are having such warm temps still! It was so fun "talking" to you the other night!

Chantel Monet said...

Wow, Fairlight, that was one productive summer! Love, love, love all the pictures! Your tent turned out adorably. You are totally motivating me to take up canning. Maybe someday you can post instructions?

Chelle said...

Just love these sweet + lovely peeks at your summer. And that tent with Sadie Rose in it...it doesn't get more precious than that.
I should do a post like this full of pictures, because I am afraid our summer wasn't very well documented on " the blog."

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