Monday, October 31, 2011

30 Days of Gratefulness - Day 1

Last year, I did this and it was such a good exercise for me. I wanted to do it again this year. My post may not be long and weekends tend to get cobbled all together, but what a breath of thanksgiving {daily} in my life and a delicious reminder to look back on.

2010's 30 Days of Greatfulness

Day 1
I'm thankful for
- a gifted lady who offers to teach ASL for free
- for a child who loves it
- for friends who go too, so that we get to see them every week
- for said friends who'll share their iPad with my restless 3 year-old who finds our "talking hands class" less than desired
- gingersnap cookies
- hot stew on a chilly day
- good conversations with family, calls to encourage and to be encouraged (it all goes in a circle)
- the funny things my little ones say, like; "Please differentiate between a foul smell and a bird kind of fowl, momma." (spelling test) "Cookies are good for milk!" (eating cookies with a glass of milk after dinner)
- sunshine

Please feel free to join in on your personal blog, on FB, or Twitter. I know we are all busy and lives are crazy, but I can attest that a minute or two each day to record what we have to say "thank you" for is worth the effort. I promise.

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Chantel Monet said...

You are too funny! I wish you lived close... I would totally share my Ipad with you, if I had one!


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