Wednesday, July 20, 2011

365 days of craft

Last year I did a bit of work for a magazine called Crafts 'n Things. Really good experience, I learned a lot and met some sweet, very talented ladies along the way. One of them, Niki Meiners, is now running a craft blog call "365 Days of Craft" that has daily craft inspiration. Sometimes it's a tutorial, sometimes a peek at an article about to be published, sometimes just something that one of the contributing designers has made just for fun. Each and every designer is super talent, like oozing creativity out of their brain and fingertips! Several months ago, in April, Niki interviewed me for the "New Friend Friday" post ( you can read it here) and then asked me to consider becoming one of the regular contributing designers on the blog. How could I say no to such an opportunity? I've been posting (a bit irregularly) the past few months, but I finally have some posts queued up and are set to post each Tuesday. So, if you are ever in need of some crafting inspiration or an extra Fairlight fix, you can head on over. Here are links to my past posts if you would like to catch up.

PS. If you've been waiting forever for me to share some of my crafting stuff that I mention on facebook or have mentioned in the past on my blog, head over to 365. I'm working through almost 4 years worth of finished crafts that I've taken pictures of, but never posted!

- Embroidery Hoop Art
- Make Spring Cupcake Toppers
- Play Dough Party Favors
- Make a Word Banner that is "Cute as a Button"
- Ric Rac baby quilt
- Matryoshka Patchwork pillow

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Cottage Mommy said...

Love's so cool that you are involved! Definitely bookmarking it so I can check in regularly!

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