Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10 on 10

I actually remembered it was the 10th this morning and I actually took 10 pictures during the day. Such an accomplishment for me. :) Maybe I can do it again next month. We'll see.

7:10 - 1st thing of the day is always a diaper change
8:10 - building castles with the blocks
9:10 - breakfast making
10:10 - baby boy taking a nap
11:10 - cutting out a quilt from vintage sheets
12:10 - Daddy enjoying snuggle time with Samuel during lunch
1:10 - new TOM's
2:10 - a treat at Starbuck's
I took a break here while we were at Target and the grocery store.
5:10 - signs of spring in the neighborhood
6:10 - dinner cooking, Chinese chicken soup


Lisa said...

And that Samuel is *snuggly*. Beautiful pictures!

Anna said...

Fairlight, I've not commented before, but I enjoy reading your little spot. Congratulations on your beautiful boy! Aren't boys just so wonderful? I liked your pictures of the diapers hanging. Looks so familiar. I use Thirsties, am wondering what you use and what you think of them? Have a good day :)

Maura said...

Oh my goodness Samuel is so sweet! I haven't visited your blog in so very long and I was so excited to see your handsome little guy! Congratulations!

Misha Leigh. said...

I have never once remembered on time to do ten on ten but I love reading/seeing yours! : )

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