Sunday, October 31, 2010

Camping, part 1

Our little trip to the mountains last weekend was lovely. Just what we needed, though I'm still dealing with all the loads of laundry it produced! :)
Many many pictures to share, so I decided to break them down by days. Hope you don't mind.

We arrived Saturday afternoon with sunny skies, warm weather,
lovely foliage, and a very full campground.

The girls immediately found the 2 biggest rocks in our site
and spent quite a bit of time jumping off of them.
It was great entertainment.

This was our view our the tent door that day.
Lovely and full of neighbors.

Sadie-Rose had so much fun helping Mike pound in tent stakes.
It's written all over her face.

One the neighboring trees.

Leaves, and rocks and nuts and baby pine cones were found in abundance.

After a quick dinner, we decided to take a walk. We were close to a stream
(but not so close that the girls could wander down to it unnoticed!)

Flowers and roots at the creek.

Everyone had to sit on the rock.
They thought it was cool. :)

These two are such a pair!
That smirk says, "who?? me??" and I get it from both of them often!
I love how Rose is always holding on to his ear
and she'll pinch it if she doesn't appreciate his shenanigans.

Rock throwing was a favorite pass time that night
(or any time if your name happens to be "Sadie-Rose")

I just sat and watched and made sure no one got clunked in the head
or fell in water.

Olivia spent quite a bit of time climbing mountain laurel bushes.

Rosie finally noticed and decided to try it for herself.
She did pretty good.

As it started to get dark, we walked back to our campsite and started a fire.
We all sat snuggled around it and Olivia had Mike and I tell her
"growing up" stories. She always gets so tickled with our adventures.

Mike and I enjoyed watching the sweet old couple that was camped next to us.
Well into their 70's, these amazing people were so sweet together, helping each other,
holding hands, and sleeping on an air mattress in a tent in 30F degree weather.
He had to come over and talk with Mike and share some firewood as they were leaving in the morning to drive to Mississippi and didn't need any more.
Very inspiring and endearing.
I pray Mike and I are the same in 40+ years.


~beautyandjoy~ said...

Oh man, Fairlight! I think the very first post I ever read by you was about you going camping! Reading this just brought back all my first impressions of you and how much I liked you. :) (And how I kept thinking how can she look so young and gorgeous with such little kids?
:) )

Your photos look like postcards and they made me giddy - so did seeing you in all your beautiful pregnancy loveliness.

Lots of love to you and the girlies

kt mac said...

looks like the perfect laid back weekend you all needed! and the setting is really pretty :)

I couldn't get over how big rose looks though - I think it's cause her hair is so much longer she looks really grown up!

And you my dear look lovely. Have you found out the sex yet? And how is planning going for the newest little ones space?

mwa! x

Cottage Mommy said...

So fun to see these pictures - you look just beautiful! As I was scrolling down I kept thinking, Oh I hope she has one of her cute belly! Your girlies are getting so big - Olivia looks so tall and Sadie Rose isn't a baby anymore is she? She has a big girl look now...good thing a new baby is in the works! Can't wait to see the other posts on your trip!

Chelle said...

This post looks like something out of a dream ( and so do you with baby-in- the-making )I am so happy thatyou guys got that time away and I cannot even tell you how glad it made me to see Rosie in that old shirtdress of Anniebelle's...can't wait to see the rest of your gorgeous posts on your trip.

Little Candle said...

I love the picture of you look beautiful. And the girls, they must make you so proud.
You also made me long to go camping, I haven't been in years. Next Summer we are going to do it! It's a wee bit chilly to try now. Hugs to you!

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