Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a new member

A few weeks ago (3 to be exact) we invited a little girl to come and be a part of our family.
Her name is Lilly, and she's six years old.
She's got big brown eyes and 4 legs. :)

Isn't she cute?

Sorry for the blur, but it's too cute.

Miss Lilly is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
I've been smitten with corgi's ever since my
momma read me this book at the tender age of 5;
Little Dog Lost by Rene Guillot and illustrated by Wallace Tripp
I fell for them even more after I started reading
Alicia Paulson's blog and her chronicles of the life of Audrey
and then their new puppy, Clover Meadow.
I remember thinking, "Jesus, I really want one of those."
But after researching breeders I knew that it would
never happen.
But the urge for a doggy friend was still pretty strong
and we've been fighting it for about a year now,
seriously, it's very much like baby fever.
(try having baby fever and puppy fever at the same time!
Not pretty my friends, not pretty at all.)
I've been keeping an eye on Craigslist
for a few weeks and talked to quite a few people
but the only free dogs that were older than
2years old were labs or pit bulls.
We definitely weren't interested in pit bulls
and we've done the lab thing before
and we didn't think we wanted to do that again.
And then one day, out of the blue
there was an ad for a 6 year old female corgi.
With a sweet disposition, free to a good home,
and 6 hours of free training to boot if you wanted it.
I emailed right away and called the next morning.

3 weeks later, after several meetings
and lots of "talking it over"
Lilly came to stay permanently.
And our family is so happily in-love
with her foxy little face, bat radar ears and sweet smile.
I won't tell you all the nicknames she has
(Mike has some not so sweet ones for her)
but the most common is "Lilly girl"
Both of the girls call her that always.
And Olivia is her human
without a doubt
head over heels
make no mistake about it.
It was fast,
almost instantaneous.
It was beautiful to see.
And we are so happy to have a new member of our family.

Now we just need to work on the baby fever part. ;)


Amanda said...

Congratulations! I love corgis-- ever since I was young and read Tasha Tudor's books! We had a corgi for a long time, and she would always lay like Lilly is in that last picture... we called it "bear-rugging" because she looked like a bear rug when she did that. So adorable!

kt mac said...

aaaw Fairlight she is so sweet :)
congratulations on the newest member of your family! I bet the girls are SO excited!! Remembering of course how much Rosie loves her animals!
and I can tell your pretty smitten too :)

so fun and...
I can't wait to hear what happens about the baby fever ;)

susanestes said...

So glad you adopted and did not buy...especially an older dog. So many sweet ones are homeless. I hope she has found her "forever home."

~beautyandjoy~ said...

This is so precious! Both fevers. :)

I am so happy for you all. She is just beautiful. (PS Lionel calls all dogs flea bags - but with great affection - so I laughed about your nicknames!)

Chelle said...

Oh Fairlight, your little Lily girl, she is so sweet. And what's even sweeter is seeing the girls with her. And I had to chuckle about Mike's more unpleasant knick names for her because if he's anything like David I think that's the way he shows his affection towards pets. I can only imagine the love between her and Miss Olivia and how deep it must run.

One fever down, one to go my friend. ;)

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