Sunday, February 28, 2010

Where I'm at right now

This little diagram speaks a lot to me right now.
I'm am exactly there.
And it's very rarely in my "comfort zone"
and you know,
sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone
and doing those things that make life interesting
and worthwhile
can make other people uncomfortable too.
Even though it's not them and they are only watching you.

And then it's up to you to find grace and walk in love
Because God is that big
and He gives us an unlimited supply.
And because He does it for us.

So many life lessons
and heart lessons
being learned right now.

I'm getting ready to go on a little trip.
I'm going to get to see this friend, and this one,
and this one, and her, and her, and this one,
and this one(all the way from Down Under!),
and her, and her, and her!
I am so beyond excited to get to spend 4 whole days
with all of the ladies.
Dear sweet friends, every one of them.
Encouragers, prayer warriors,
wives and mothers ( or soon to be mothers) all.
I'm blessed to be part of such a wonderful group
of strong Christian women.

When I get back, you can expect lots
and lots
of pictures.
And if you see me in person,
probably a lot of ear to ear grins.

7 comments: said...

Have a wonderful trip! Am so sad to miss out. You won't regret it for an instant. Meeting (the Spokane) girls was definitely the highlight of my year, even for such a short time. These blog friendships of ours are such a blessing!

Amanda said...

oh fairlight...this is perfect. (and isn't it unbelievable to think that this time next week we will all be sitting together, savoring, is surreal!). i cannot wait!

Aminta said...

Darling! So very true.... So very exciting, and scary. For me to meet you, feels like I am getting to see a sister for the first time, so trust me... My fear is so much smaller then my excitement. So happy to see you! I love you so!!

Nikki said...

Praying you and Rose have a lovely flight today! So excited to see you tomorrow!

Chantel Monet said...

Oh how much I wish I could be there and meet your sweet self in person! I've so enjoyed your blog. Have so much fun, and heres the link for the swimsuit:

Anonymous said...

嘩做左推介BLOG 果然人氣勁旺 ........................................

Chantel Monet said...

Hi beautiful Fairlight, I'm so happy I was able to meet you before you left! You are just absolutely lovely in every way. I'll be praying that God will keep your heart full and happy and that your house will sell very soon.

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